Copyright and Data Protection matters

Jim Anderson, the Presbytery’s Data Protection Coordinator says that on the copyright issue it is important that any congregation issuing a newsletter is particularly careful with the publication of poems or articles written by a third party and photographs taken again by a third Party without getting agreement to publish. Also care must be taken with what goes out on a website if you have one and on local media, Facebook and Twitter where appropriate. The following link from The Church of Scotland website does give some information on Copyright but is more Hymn related rather than poems etc.

“Just out of interest the lady who edits our Ness Bank Newsletter emailed the publisher of a book that she had bought to use the contents in the Newsletter and the reply is as follows from the Baker Publishing Group:

Thank you for your request regarding Each New Day by Corrie ten Boom. We have decided to approve your request. You may publish one reflection per month in your church newsletter.

The Church of Scotland also says about using Church material from the website in congregational newsletters,

“No problem with you sharing our content, although it would be appreciated if you could say that it’s from the Church of Scotland website.”

On The Data Protection breaches the Church Solicitor’s letter is quite clear and detailed. However I have questioned the statement that we should now review the guidance given from the Law Department and the Data Protection webinar produced in 2014 by Jennifer Campbell. The Solicitor confirms that the Webinar has not been updated since its issue but I do agree that the only part that is no longer relevant is the requirement for signed consents which was the big issue when this all came to light. If you want to see it again or for the first time go onto the Church’s website and it is listed under Law Dept circulars under Data Protection. You will need Adobe Connect as an add on to the computer if you don’t already have it and the password for access is cos2014

I also questioned the last paragraph before the Conclusion where it states the Data Protection Officers are urged to ensure the training has been completed and should there be a requirement for training this can be arranged at Presbytery level with the Law department. This has never arisen or been offered previously and I think it is perhaps a bit on the late side but if everyone wanted to have it, I would be willing to have David Stihler up here for a day or part day training. Perhaps you could let me know your thoughts. If we can get some guidance also on Copyright breaches it might still be worth it.”