August PrayerNews

AUGUST  2017


Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires Psalm37:4

July 30th – Croy & Dalcross with Cawdor – Minister: Rev Robert Brookes

  • Pray for the two congregations as they seek to work together, and for the new minister Rev Robert Brookes.
  • Give thanks for the encouragement they have seen in more people attending church.
  • Pray for the joint service on Sunday 30th (Joint services every 5th Sunday in the month).
  • Pray for the Nairn Farmers Show on Saturday (29th July). The two congregations are joining together, representing both congregations at the show, giving out leaflets with details and those passing by and seeking to contact people, and letting them know ‘we are here. It will also be an opportunity for the new minister to meet folk, and they can meet him in an informal setting.
  • Pray for those on holiday, that it might be a time of rest and refreshment before a new session starts in September.
  • Pray for the congregations as they seek to make known the Gospel in their area of God’s vineyard.
  • Pray for all those who have responsibilities in the church, that they will be encouraged in their work and see fruit for their labours.
  • Give thanks that we have opportunities to serve the Lord, and may we see people coming to know Jesus as their Saviour.

August 6th – Dalneigh & Bona – interim moderator: Rev Douglas Horne

  • Give thanks for Rev Douglas Horne acting as locum for the congregations whilst they are vacant.
  • Pray for him as he preaches, and that people will be blessed by his ministry.
  • Pray also for those who supply from time to time. Also remember those who work among the young people, including BB’s and Mother and Toddlers.
  • Pray that they may have a restful break during the summer holidays ready to start back again for the Autumn term.

There are some people connected with the congregation who are unwell just now, and some having treatment, for whom the congregations ask you to pray.

The congregations have called Rev Stewart MacKay to preach as sole nominee this Sunday (August 6th) – Pray for Mr MacKay as he preaches this weekend, and the congregation as they vote. Pray that God will direct both parties as to his will, and the outcome will be a blessing to all.


August 13th – Daviot & Dunlichity linked with Moy, Dalarossie & Tomatin Interim Moderator: Rev Morven Archer

  • Pray for the congregations as they seek a way forward regarding their buildings, including a new manse (either to build or buy), and also in their seeking a new minister when the manse situation is resolved. It is not an easy situation and one that causes much concern.
  • Pray and give thanks for the work going on with ‘Messy Church’ and children attending Sunday School. Pray for the leaders who give of their time to arrange these activities, and in teaching about the Gospel. There is to be a Local Church Review taking place in the New Year. This helps congregations to find a way forward in their work, and giving a vision for the future.
  • Give thanks for the office bearers and those who have responsibilities in the congregations. Also for those who supply the congregations when Morven Archer isn’t available. Give thanks for Morven who is the interim moderator, and for all the time that she spends working amongst the congregations.

August 20th – Inverness Inshes – Minister: Rev David Scott and Associate Minister: Rev Farquhar Forbes

  • Pray for the minister and Farquhar as they seek to minister to the congregation and continue with the planned programme for the following months.
  • Pray for the Community Action week which will have taken place on the 7th – 12th August. This is helping people in the community with various jobs that need doing about their house or garden or perhaps going out on a trip.
  • Pray that there will have been a good outcome to this, and that people will have enjoyed making new friends, and maybe an interest in coming to church.
  • Give thanks for all those who have volunteered to help.
  • Pray for the work amongst the children and young people, and the possibility of a Holiday Club in Milton of Leys during the October school holidays.
  • Give thanks for all the office bearers, and all those who volunteer to do so many jobs around the church, and in caring for the church family.

August 27th – Presbytery

  • Pray for the Presbytery as it starts its new session with a day conference on September 9th (see Presbytery Diary). Planning will be first, and then the Business meeting of the Presbytery. This will be one of just four Presbytery meetings in the year (two conference style with lunch provided, followed in the afternoon by the business meeting of Presbytery. The other two will be evening Presbytery meetings).
  • Pray for the new ministers to the Presbytery and new elders, that they will feel welcome and encouraged to be amongst them.
  • Give thanks for holidays and rest, and pray that the return will be with a real desire to work for God’s kingdom in Inverness.