New Presbytery Structure

The next meeting of Presbytery is at 7:00 pm on Tuesday June 27, 2017 at Inverness Inshes Church. The evening will begin with the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

For two years thereafter the Presbytery will trial a new meeting structure. There will then normally be just four meetings of Presbytery in the year, two of which will be on Saturdays (the 2nd Saturday in September and the second in March) and be preceded by a Presbytery conference. The other two will be evening business meetings ( 3rd Tuesday in November and the last in June) only. The Presbytery is confident that all its normal business can be conducted in this arrangement.

One of the conditions of the change is that the standing committee report to every meeting. They will meet at least once before the Business Committee and submit their Convener’s report. The Business Committee, meeting on the nearest Tuesday about 2 weeks before the Presbytery, will restrict itself to ordering the business of Presbytery, and so is relinquishing responsibility for vacancy procedures (passed to the Ministry Committee), superintendence (to become a new committee), and pastoral matters (also passed to the Ministry Committee).