September PrayerNews



 Galatians chapter 15. v16 & 17:  You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit – fruit that will last.  Then the Father will give whatever you ask in my Name. This is my command: Love each other.

LORD, please cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in our hearts and minds so our neighbours can enjoy Your sweet fragrance in and through our lives

 The fruit of the Spirit changes us so we can impact the lives of those around us

September 3rd – Kilmorack and Erchless – minister Rev Ian Manson

  • We appreciate prayer as we look for ways to make our churches more open to the communities they serve, making them brighter witnesses to our faith.
  • Please pray also for those who are currently considering being ordained as elders.
  • Finally, please pray that we may find good opportunities to develop the links which we have with local schools.

September 10th – Nairn Old – minister Rev Alison Mehigan

  • Pray for Alison feeling refreshed as she returns from holiday for the start of a new session in September. Give thanks for Jim Somerville, John Craw, Rev Robert Brooks, and everyone who assisted during the holiday period.
  • Pray for members of the new committees as they begin to work together for the benefit of the church family
  • Pray and give thanks for the farming community as they work hard to gather in the harvest.
  • Prepare us in our minds and hearts Lord, to listen and receive what your words have to say to us.

September 17th – Inverness Old High St Stephens – minister Rev Peter Nimmo

  • Give thanks that the minister is making a phased return to work. Pray that his health will improve and that he has the strength to gradually take on the responsibility of ministry once again. Pray for his family too.
  • Pray for the Bible Study on Sunday evenings. The meetings are usually every two weeks. Pray that people will find the time spent together in fellowship, rewarding and helpful and that others may come to join the group.
  • Pray for the “Go forward Project” seeking the needs of the community and looking to see the way forward for the congregation.

September 24th SASRA

  • Roddy Macleod is an Army Scripture Reader working with SASRA at Fort George, Kinloss and around Inverness. He works among the military personal who are based there, and would value prayer for unexpected new opportunities he has had for evangelism by taking over the running of a recreation room at Fort George. Please pray for good contacts and friendships to be built, to facilitate gospel opportunities.
  • “Soldiers are always busy – may I (Roddy) make the most of every gospel opening the Lord provides. Over the past months some of the soldiers are seeing the Word in a different light to what they expected, and one has been challenged to respond. Another is willing to study more with me, and two others have busy schedules so our studies with them are postponed for now.  Please keep praying for them all.”

 NEW PRISON CHAPLAIN   Give thanks, and pray for Rev Hugh Watt as he takes on the role of Prison Chaplain here in Inverness.

Pray also for the Alpha course that is taking place in the prison.  Pray that it will be a blessing and that there will be those who come to faith in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


There are several prayer meetings going on, in and around Inverness for different Christian organisations – if you would like to send dates and a telephone number we would be happy to mention them.

Prayer for those who are unwell – continue to remember Rev Mike Robertson who is off work with stress, remember also his family.  Pray for the congregation as they seek to keep the ministry and work of the church going during Mike’s absence.  Pray also for those who are doing pulpit supply at the Barn.

Remember those in our congregations who have long-term illnesses and find things difficult to cope with.  Also, their families who get tired and stressed with worry about them.  Pray that all will be committed to the Lord who is our strength in time of trouble.

Give thanks that Rev Duncan MacPherson is now back at work, pray that the Lord will strengthen him and bless his ministry.